Rowena is the Business Manager at a school and has been given the DPO role to fit in to her busy timetable.  Rowena uses the annual calendar of suggested checks to plan out her compliance year around the peaks and troughs of her other work and take advantage of quieter times when school is on holiday, for example.  Her measured approach means that Rowena is able to fit in a reasonable amount of checking and using the mini audit forms in the DPO Support Package ensures that she does not waste any time thinking how to approach the checks needed and can easily evidence her work.  Rowena also delegates some of the mini audits to student teachers and teaching assistants to help with time management and to improve their awareness of data protection issues.  Juggling tasks well there Rowena!

Following the tips in the DPO Support Package, Rowena asks for volunteers from the office and teaching staff to support her in the DPO role at the school.  Several colleagues have an interest in data protection and are willing to support Rowena provided that their responsibilities can be planned around peaks and troughs in their teaching responsibilities. The flexibility of the DPO Support Package means that Rowena can schedule audit tasks to fit colleagues’ availability. To meet accountability under GDPR Rowena documents the reasons for delaying some tasks and explains the need for flexibility in her DPO records.