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Mandy Webster is a lawyer with an in-house career spanning 15 years in the corporate world which developed an understanding of how businesses work and many of the key tasks in compliance, marketing, HR, facilities management, tax and finance and administration so clients don’t need to educate or explain these business operations and can rely on a good level of knowledge about routine business activities.

With experience working as company secretary Mandy can communicate easily with directors and employees at all levels to ensure that briefings are comprehensible and knowledgeable and training is succinct and entertaining.

Experience as a compliance officer gave Mandy an understanding of how to demonstrate compliance for Accountability.Mandy’s legal background means that clients can rely on her interpretation and application of data protection law.

Mandy has been helping her clients with data protection and e-commerce issues since 1999.

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Mandy is author of several law books on data protection.  The latest one “Effective Data Protection” published by the ICSA in 2011 highlights key approaches to data protection that pre-echo GDPR such as risk management and Accountability illustrating that Data Protection Consulting is in tune with developments in the world of data protection.  Other books focused on specific sectors such as “Data Protection for the HR Manager” and “Data Protection in the Financial Services Industry” published by Gower demonstrating a good practical grasp of how data protection impacts on these areas.

Other areas we have specialist knowledge in include the property sector, professional institutes, recruitment consultants, charities, schools, manufacturing and the retail sector.

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Mandy Webster

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Risk not size is the frame of reference for data protection.

“Big companies may have uncomplicated data processing activities, small companies can have extremely complex data process maps, especially “virtual” companies.  Data protection compliance activity needs to be based on the risk presented by data processing activities not the size of the organisation.”

Failing to provide evidence of compliance is the current risk.

The UK’s Information Commissioner has highlighted Accountability as an issue in a blog “Organisations should be doing more to achieve privacy accountability” on 5 March 2019 and in comments made to the Data Protection Practitioners Conference on 9 April 2019 when Accountability was described as the crucial change in data protection law:

“Accountability encapsulates everything the GDPR is about.  It enshrines in law an onus on companies to understand the risks that they create for others with their data processing and to mitigate those risks.”

Accountability means being able to demonstrate compliance.

Accountability means establishing a compliance framework, documenting policies and procedures, establishing roles and responsibilities for data protection and carrying out regular compliance checks and documenting the findings.