Data Protection Health-Check

This is the Data Protection Consulting audit service

We offer online workshops to take a snap-shot of data protection compliance and give your organisation a flying start on the path towards compliance with UK data protection law.

What can we do to help?

We help you create an Information Asset Register to meet record keeping requirements and to inform data protection compliance workstreams such as drafting privacy notices and putting in place contracts with outsourced service providers. We can supply template materials to make good any omissions.  Our expertise means that your business is soon on the road to compliance and can quickly demonstrate compliance activity to meet UK GDPR Accountability requirements.

Our workshops train managers to bring them up to speed with current data protection law and identify gaps in compliance. Managers can also be supported with online training to cover basic data protection awareness before the workshops so that they get up to speed quickly and can maximise the value of the consultancy.  Training reduces the risk of data protection breaches and complaints and training records help to evidence your efforts to comply with UK GDPR Accountability requirements.

Our trained consultants will offer tailored advice, provide relevant updates and answer any queries during and after the workshops.

Joy Higham

Data Protection Practitioner

Joy Higham - Data Protection Practitioner

Mandy Webster

Consultant Lawyer

Mandy Webster - Consultant Lawyer
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