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Data Protection Officer

DPO Support Package

Are you a DPO with little budget? No additional resource? Not all businesses employ a full time Data Protection Officer so, often, it forms part of the job of a manager with other responsibilities to act as DPO or Data Protection Adviser, the contact for issues and queries relating to data protection.

The role of Data Protection Officer is a statutory role and there are formal obligations and duties to carry out. Even where the role is advisory rather than mandatory it is good practice to undertake some checks on data protection compliance. The principle of Accountability set out in GDPR mandates that the organisation should be managing risk in relation to personal data processing. So an obvious first step is to carry out some basic checks to identify any potential risks.

However not all organisations can afford to fund the DPO or advisory role and there will always be budget restrictions. Our DPO Support Package provides all you need to carry out the DPO role to a good standard, to provide value for money support for data protection compliance for the business and to satisfy the regulator that you are meeting the obligations of the role.

Let us take the strain

We have developed a package of suggested audit checks, training and reporting templates and advice based on our 18+ years’ experience in data protection compliance. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel! Rely on us to provide a solid, annual, audit plan for you to tailor for use in your organisation.  We will provide support by email for a period of three months to help get you up to speed.

Supporting the Data Protection Officer with:

  • Guidance on setting up the role
  • Checking the integrity of the role
  • Setting reporting parameters
  • Outline of an annual audit calendar
  • Our top tips for being a DPO on a shoestring budget
  • Template audit forms to support checks and evidence results
  • Suggested test questions to test colleague knowledge and understanding
  • Template Data Protection Impact Assessment
  • 3 months’ email support from qualified consultants

for: Compliance controls – Evidencing accountability – Monitoring organisational compliance

The DPO Support Package is available to buy.  We can also quote for carrying out the role of the DPO.

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